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Sleep Study Specialist

SoCal Pulmonologists and Intensivists Network of Sound Physicians

Pulmonologist & Sleep Medicine Specialists located in Long Beach, CA

At SoCal Pulmonologists and Intensivists Network of Sound Physicians, Dr. Maged A. Tanios and his staff perform sleep studies, and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, insomnia, and other types of sleep disorders. Their office is located in Long Beach, California.

Sleep Study Q & A

Why are Sleep Studies Performed?

Sleep studies can provide doctors with valuable information about their patient's sleep patterns and how they breathe while they are sleeping. A sleep study plays an important role in diagnosing sleep apnea as well as determining the best way to treat the disorder. It will also help the doctor uncover the cause. Sleep studies also allow doctors to monitor blood oxygen levels, observe how much a person moves while they are sleeping and also, whether or not they are able to achieve what is known as REM sleep. At SoCal Pulmonologists and Intensivists Network of Sound Physicians, sleep studies are performed in-house. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person stops breathing several times during the night. This can cause the oxygen levels in their blood to drop to dangerously low levels. It is estimated that some people can stop breathing up to a hundred times a night, depending on the severity of the condition. Over time, the decreased levels of oxygen can result in headaches, chronic fatigue, and muscle weakness. CPAP machines are a common way of treating sleep apnea and also help to maintain sufficient oxygen levels in the blood.

How is Insomnia Treated?

Insomnia has many causes. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps doctors and patients target and address the habits and activities that work to keep the mind alert when it should be trying to wind down. Eliminating caffeine and sugary drinks in the hours prior to bedtime is a great way to allow the body to relax. Doctors also recommend removing televisions and computers from the bedroom. This reduces external stimuli that keep the brain racing and preventing it from relaxing. It also helps to have a set schedule when it comes to going to sleep and waking up.


Southern California Pulmonologists and Intensivists Network of Sound Physicians accepts all major forms of insurance. Please call our office if you do not see your insurance listed here.

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